How well do you sense opportunities?

A shoe factory sent two marketing scouts to a remote region of the country to study the prospects for business expansion.

One sent back a message to HQ saying, ‘Situation hopeless – no one wears shoes here’.

The other wrote back excitedly, ‘Brilliant business opportunity – they have no shoes here’.

The roots of this response go much deeper than just your attitude and personality.

Our view of the world is shaped by the selective information that our senses bring us about what is out there.

Over time we have learned to pay attention to a certain phenomenon and to ignore other things.

Our brain then constructs a simulation of the sensations – only at that stage do we have our first conscious experience of what’s around us.

In other words, just as physical behaviours become habits over time (such as writing style, or even which leg you put into your trousers first!), our emotional responses are also habitual.

Our view of the world and our emotional responses to it become a well-formed map.

It’s a construction of our own making, and with careful attention, it can be continually redrawn.

Optimism really is a feeling to be learned.

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