If you truly desire something in life you must be prepared to work for it.

There are few shortcuts to success and certainly no fast-track elevator!

And getting something you want often means overcoming hurdles and pushing past obstacles.

Are you mentally tough enough to do this consistently well?

Traits of the mentally tough

There are certain traits shared by people with a high level of mental toughness. Let’s take a look at the main ones…

1. Self-Motivation
A lack of motivation is often blamed as the reason why a goal or objective isn’t reached. What many people fail to realise is that motivation is something that has to come from deep within you. Motivation has different degrees and levels. These are directly related to just how badly you want something and how passionate you are about it.

It can be fairly easy to stay motivated and on track when things are going your way. The problem arises when things start to go wrong or not as you expected. It’s how you tackle these problems that will ultimately determine your success. This is related to your mental toughness – if you are tough you will handle this issues without straying off track or being distracted.

2. Positive Mindset 
What type of attitude do you have? Would you say you perceive things in a positive way or negatively? If you want to develop mental toughness you need to have a positive outlook. Instead of perceiving a situation or event in a bad light aim to learn from it. Think about what went right that you would want to keep. Also, consider what didn’t go so well. What can you learn? What can you do to prevent the same outcome re-occurring?

3. Self-Control
Do you have emotional self-control? Or do you often let your emotions get the better of you? If the latter, this can lead to you upsetting people, or diminishing your persona in the eyes of your friends. If you act in a childish way you could certainly lose friends quickly. You need to learn how to control your emotions and outbursts. A person who is mentally tough demonstrates this ability to a high degree.

4. Dealing with Stressful Situations
How do you react when faced with a stressful situation? What can you do to deal better with difficult circumstances? Let’s say you are scared of speaking in public and this is something you want to overcome. To improve, you might work with a presentation coach or join the local Professional Speakers organisation to get help and feedback on your technique. You could also volunteer to speak in front of a familiar crowd to get experience. Afterward, you will feel confident and proud of your accomplishments. Being mentally tough when faced with pressure is a great skill to have and develop.

You are not born with a mental toughness that is ready-made. Instead, with patience and help it is a skill that can be developed over time.

Now that you understand what mental toughness is, how will you improve yours?

Here’s to your success!

Are you mentally tough?

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