It seems that it’s important in our society to be seen as busy. It makes us look and feel important. It helps us appear to be successful.

But there’s a big difference between taking effective, decisive action and just being busy.

Taking massive action means performing pre-determined tasks consciously as a way of meeting your objective.

In this case, each action takes you one step closer to being where you want to be.

Being busy, on the other hand, means you are constantly on the move doing things, but never seem to get closer to your goals, no matter how hard you work.

Be more productive and less busy

So how can you move away from being busy and into being productive? Let’s look at a short list of things productive people do…

1. Have a short to-do list
Productive people keep their to-do lists short, including only 3 or 4 things on it each day. They are super focused on reaching their goal and put every other task aside to work towards it. This allows them to think clearly instead of running around like a madman. It also affords them the time to do each task correctly and completely…the first time.

2. Single-task
For some reason, we have been led to believe that multitasking is the way to go – that we get more done if we are always in the middle of several different projects. That has now been proven to be a fallacy. Productive people single-task consistently. Not only does this keep them totally focused on their task and objective, but it also helps them avoid distractions, conserve their energy and avoid unnecessary mistakes.

3. Take breaks 
Believe it or not, working around the clock doesn’t make us more productive or effective. Our bodies and brains are not built for that type of abuse. Instead, we think more clearly, make better choices and see opportunities when they arise when we take breaks consistently. Productive people take and enjoy breaks, always have time for meals and refreshments and make sure that they get enough sleep to re-charge the batteries. They make their time count.

4. Say NO!
One of the many reasons people are busy, but not productive, is because they say ‘yes’ to everything that comes along, even when it won’t benefit their goal. They are more concerned about pleasing people than focusing in on what is really important to them. Productive people politely say ‘no’ thanks to any opportunity or request that isn’t going to get them one step closer to success.

Here’s to your success!be more productive not just busy

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