We’ve had a lot of weather recently and it reminded me of a classic Aesop fable*…

The Sun and the Wind once had an argument as to which of them was the stronger.

“I am the most powerful,” said the Sun.

“No, I am more powerful than you,” said the Wind.

While they were busy justifying their claims, they noticed a man walking along a country road, his great coat buttoned up to his neck.

“Here’s an opportunity to put our strength to the test,” said the Wind. “Whoever can make the man take off his coat will be pronounced the stronger.”

The Sun agreed to the test.

First, the Wind began to blow; he blew and howled and caused a great storm of rain and hail which got hold of the man’s coat. But the more the Wind blew, the colder it became and the man simply fastened his coat more tightly around him. No matter what the Wind did it could not get hold of the man’s coat.

Then the Sun had his turn. The Sun gently rays of light around the man, warming his head, his shoulders and his back. And as it became warmer and warmer, the man first loosened his coat, then unfastened his coat and finally, looking up and smiling, he took off his coat to enjoy the warm day.

The Sun had won the prize!

Thought to consider:
It’s not always power, might and strength that win the prize. Someone once told me that the ultimate power is powerlessness; the ultimate strength is gentleness. Aggression and fight do not always come out on top.

Think about it!

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* – Story from Tales for Trainers by Margaret Parkin Pg 123. © Kogan Page 2010.