The drama series, Baptiste, was on the BBC Sunday night.

It’s about a former police detective who gets involved in a ‘missing person’ case.

He ends up delving into the criminal underworld of the red-light district.

In the process, he uncovers a complex web of deceit and lies.

It’s a story that’s full of twists, turns, and gruesome shocks.

A bit like life really! I mean, life is full of twists, turns, and shocks…isn’t it?

Andy Cope and Gavin Oattes in their book, Shine – Rediscovering your energy, happiness & purpose (Capstone 2018), talk about how to deal with some of the unpleasant stuff that life can chuck at you…

I love their approach. Here we go…

Plot Twists!

You are a storyteller. Not just you, all humans are. Stories are what link us to our ancestors and to those who don’t yet exist.

We have stories about everything. Your inner story is one of the great classics, although only in your own head. Here’s a dirty little secret – you can tell a different and better story. In fact, a change to your inner story is the fastest way to a better you.

Of course, in the story of your life, you are the central character. Everything is told in the first person. You are well versed in your own story. telling it to yourself every day.

And don’t we just love a tragedy! If you’re not careful, problems loom large and they can dominate your backstory. They become well-rehearsed tales, magnified and re-lived every time you tell them. It’s astonishingly easy to become the victim. Bad things always happen to you, right?

But, of course, you’re the author. It’s your life and your story. You might not be able to change the events that have happened, but you can re-cast yourself as the hero. That changes how you view the past and, spookily, will affect how you approach the future.

Our first shiny strategy is, therefore, a bit tongue in cheek (but only a little bit) – it’s to change your language. In the same way that, in the 1980s, ‘problems’ became ‘challenges’, we’d like you to start saying, ‘Plot twist!’

So when something doesn’t go according to plan, it’s not a nightmare, crisis, challenge or problem, it’s merely a plot twist.

Shout it out. Rejoice! All good stories have a plot twist, an unexpected turn of events that nobody saw coming. Some books have several. Your life is a story. Plot twists are inevitable. They’re there to make things more interesting.

Our clincher? A good life is not a life without plot twists. A good life is a life with good plot twists. Therefore, if you want to graduate to the status of Happiness Grand Master, you have to start appreciating your plot twists. The turbulence, challenges, strains, sadness, disasters and faux pas. They’re inevitable. Smile and be grateful for them.

Plot twists! Woo Hoo. They exist because you’re alive.

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