Olivia was busy preparing a big pitch to a key customer. The deal was worth a huge amount and the big break Olivia was striving for as she battled to balance family and work commitments.

This morning, Olivia was working from home and looking after her young son, Max. He was in a playful mood and did his best to attract his mother’s attention so she would spend time with him. Olivia started to grow frustrated. The presentation needed to be delivered to her boss for approval and Max was distracting her from getting it finished. Olivia spied a magazine and one of the pages had an enormous picture of a forest of trees that all looked the same. Smiling to herself, Olivia tore out the picture and then cut it into small pieces. She gave them to Max and asked him to go into the lounge and put the puzzle together. “This will take him at least an hour,’ she thought to herself. “Time for me to get my proposal completed!”

Ten minutes later Max came back with a broad smile and a perfect picture of the forest.

Olivia was stunned. “But how did you manage to do this so quickly, Max?” she asked.

“Mummy, it was simple,” Max replied. “There is a picture of a man’s face on the other side of the pieces you gave me. When I made the face, I built the puzzle of the forest.”

There’s often more than one way to solve a problem – you just have to look for it!

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