My experiences tell me effort is an important ingredient in performing at your best. 

In fact, there some smart research quoted in Diary of a Brilliant Kid: Top Secret Guide to Awesomeness by Andy Cope, Gavin Oattes and Will Hussey (Capstone 2018) that says talent is important but that effort counts TWICE!


The formula for getting pretty good at developing a skill in anything (business, sports, performing arts etc.) is having a modicum of talent and applying some effort.

Skill = Talent x Effort

When you consider people in similar circumstances what each achieves is dependent on talent and effort.

Talent relates to how fast we can improve in some sort of skill. A little bit of talent is useful, but talent without effort means you won’t get skillful.

That’s the first part. There’s more because in order to achieve the break-through performance you need to apply your skill with effort.


Achievement = Skill x Effort

So effort appears again? Indeed, it does. Effort counts TWICE!

You won’t acquire skill without it and you will find it difficult to achieve without applying effort to how you use your skills.

There’s a saying that hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard and it’s true.

I watched my daughter’s netball team play last night. They are a talented group, love playing netball and were top of the league as a result of some skillful recent performances. They were up against the team just below them in the log. The match started and the other team worked hard – they were determined to use what they had and every opportunity that came their way. My daughter’s team seemed a bit lackluster in comparison and underperformed relative to their potential and past form. They ended up being outplayed and lost the match. The coach was quite sanguine afterward and encouraged the players to reflect on the game, to think about what went well and what would have been even better if…

They are a young team and I’m sure they will learn and grow from the experience. No doubt, they will work hard in training (make sure you’re there on Wednesday girls!) and be better players and a better team as a result.

As Mark Spitz, multi-gold Olympic swimmer, says, “We all love to win, but how many people love training?” 

Do you have talent? Are you turning your talent into a skill? What can you achieve with your skill? What role does effort play?

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