The ability to create something novel and appropriate, creativity is essential to the entrepreneurship and is at the heart of any thriving business.

It gets new businesses started and sustains the best companies as they grow.

How creative are you when it comes to solving problems? Here’s a quick riddle to test your talent.

When you have worked it out have another go as there are two answers.

Take a crack at it and I’ll give you the answers if you send me an email

You have both a 5-litre and a 3-litre water bottle.

You have access to a tap, you have unlimited water.

Your challenge is to make the 5-litre bottle contain exactly 4-litres using nothing more than the two bottles and water from the tap.

There are no litre marks on either of the bottles – you have no way to measure 4-litres of water by eye or weigh the amount of water.

Have fun!

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