How well do you walk the talk? How good are you at change?

A woman approached Mahatma Gandhi and requested him to instruct her overweight son to stop eating sugar.

“Madam,” he replied earnestly, “come back in there weeks’ time.”

Surprised at this response, she nevertheless returned with her son three weeks later.

Gandhi looked at the boy and said, “Stop eating sugar.”

When the boy had left the room, the mother turned to Gandhi and asked why he hadn’t said this three weeks ago when they first met.

Gandhi replied, “Madam, three weeks ago I was eating sugar myself.”

Thoughts to ponder about Change…

Are you still ‘eating sugar’ but telling others to stop? 

How well do you walk the talk? What needs to change?

Can you be the change that you want to see, feel and hear?

Here’s to your success!

Change your nature

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