It’s important to trust your gut instincts.

A while back I was asked to run a series of workshops for some senior managers.

It was my first gig with the organisation that commissioned the programme and I was eager to please my new client.

At the end of the first round of meetings, I asked for some feedback from the delegates on the course. Eight said they loved the workshops but two said that it was poor and denigrated my performance in particular.

I was summoned to the HR Director’s Office and he asked me, “What on earth is going on? What have you been doing to those two senior managers? You’d better turn things around and quickly too!”

Though feeling a little out of sorts I threw myself into the next round of workshops with the senior managers. I changed my approach and played it very safe. I spent an inordinate amount of time with my two detractors.

I awaited the feedback with some trepidation. It was worse than before. The two managers rated me as below average in my performance and the other eight motivated senior managers expressed their disapproval at my change of style and how little time I had spent with them. They hated it!

It was a sobering but crucial lesson for me. I had trusted the authority of the HR Director implicitly and sacrificed the majority for the minority.

I decided that from that moment on to trust my gut instincts, my own ‘inner voice’, my common-sense, wisdom and experience.

I accept that I don’t always get it right. But you know what? It’s now always my choice and my responsibility.

Has something like this ever happened to you in your work?

To your success…trusting your instincts

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