How do you catch a monkey?

The first step is to find some monkeys and then set a trap. Peg a sturdy transparent plastic bottle to the ground in the middle of a clearing. Place a banana in the bottle and then hide behind a tree.

Soon, curiosity will get the better of the monkeys and will they will approach the bottle.

One of the monkeys will see the banana and reach in to grab the fruit. But as the monkey withdraws his hand from the bottle he will discover that he’s trapped. The narrow neck of the bottle will allow his hand in but if he is holding a banana he cannot withdraw his fist.

The monkey becomes confused. He’s got hold of the banana but cannot get the food into his mouth no matter what he does.

You can come out from your hiding place and wander over to the monkey. He will see you coming and know he’s in danger. All the monkey has to do is to let go of the banana and run away.

But here’s the thing – the monkey would rather hang on to the banana and get caught.

Thoughts to ponder:
What am I on about? The bananas are a metaphor for the negative thoughts that you have in your mind. Thoughts that are unhelpful and un-resourceful. That don’t serve you well at all but you continue to think them anyway.

“I’m useless at…”

“I’ll never to be able to do that.”

“I’m scared of…”

“I’m not clever enough and don’t have any confidence.”

The bananas may also be behaviours. Activities that you continue to do despite knowing that they’re no good for you.

The way you roll your eyes when someone disagrees with your point of view.

The amount of time you get distracted by surfing the net when you should be working.

When someone asks you how you are, you reply, “Not too bad.”

Just like the monkey in the story you have to learn to let go! Often the biggest obstacle you face, your biggest competitor is YOU!

You don’t realise you’re clinging on to a banana. You have a belief that’s so ingrained and entrenched it’s become part of you and you don’t even know it.

So a great starting point is to think about the metaphorical bananas that you need to let go. What are the thoughts or behaviours that are holding you back, slowing you down or stopping you from getting what you want?

Go on. Will you drop the banana?

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