There’s a beautiful statue of Buddha that sits in a temple called Wat Trai Mitre in Bangkok.

The statue is quite stunning – it stands over seven feet in height and is made of solid gold.

It’s not always looked like that, though. Once upon a time, many years ago, the statue was covered in plaster and very dirty. Then one day, a monk noticed that the statue was peeling in places and needed some restoration and tender loving care. When they came to repair the plaster the monks noticed a glint of shiny yellow underneath. It soon became clear that the statue was not an ordinary Buddha made of plaster. Instead, the Buddha was made of solid gold and quite beautiful.

After some research, the monks agreed that the statue had been deliberately disguised to hide it from robbers and looters.

Today, the Gold Buddha of Bangkok has been restored to its magnificent glory. Its serene and majestic face has a beautiful smile: the keeper, for so many years, of a wonderful secret.

Thought to consider:
Take a moment to reflect on the story. What does it mean for you?

The observation that immediately springs to mind is…never judge a book by its cover.

It also highlights issues such as self-esteem and latent talents, skills and confidence.

Are you, or someone you know, hiding a golden quality?
Why is this gold hidden from view?
What would happen if the treasure were to be revealed?
What would have to happen to reveal the gold?
What talents/skills do other people have that they do not recognise or use?
How might you help people reveal the value of their true worth? 

I first told this story a couple of years ago and I reckon it’s worth a re-tell. The obvious point is that we’re all a bit like Buddha. No, not pot-bellied and cross-legged, but metaphorically – we all accumulate layers…the rules of life, the importance of working hard and being a good person, the ‘scripts and programmes’ given to us by other people, our parents, co-workers, and friends. Some of it is helpful, most of it is not.

The problem is that these layers can accumulate until our shine is tarnished. There’s gold inside everyone, but the outside can become heavy and dull.

Your challenge in life is to continually chip away at the crusty stuff so you can tackle life in all of your golden awesomeness.

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