How much do you value yourself?

This will give you something to think about…

A bar of iron costs £5
Made into horseshoes it can be worth about £20
Made into needles it can increase in value to £3 500
Made into balance springs for watches, its value can leap to £250 000

Would you value yourself as an iron bar or a watch spring? Or something in-between?

Appreciating and valuing yourself is the most important component of self-liking.

However that sounds to you it is hugely important. If you don’t like yourself how can you expect anyone else to like you?

Your own value is determined by what you are able to make of yourself. And remember, we are all “work in progress”.

This is exciting because we have the ability to make improvements every day of our lives and keep adding value to our pot of self-like.

What will you do today to like yourself even more?

To your success…do you value yourself

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