It’s hard to imagine life today without laptops, smartphones, tablet devices and the Internet.

Indeed, you are probably reading this email on one of these devices!

BUT, I am often concerned at the degree of trust and faith that some people have in the technology they use, compared to the apparent lack of trust and faith they show in themselves and their own abilities.

Here’s a short story to illustrate my point*…

A mother tiger and her cub were out hunting in the jungle.

They had had a very successful day and were now lying down underneath a tree, sleeping off their meal and relaxing in the warm afternoon sun.

Just then the tiger cub saw a hunter off in the distance coming towards them.

“Mother, mother, wake-up!” he shouted. “There’s a hunter coming our way and he’s out to get us!”

“Hush now my tiger cub,” said the mother tiger.

“But mother,” squeaked the young tiger, “he has a high-powered rifle with telescopic sights that allow him to see us from a great distance and in the dark too. We’re going to die!”

“Watch,” said the mother tiger, “and learn.”

While the hunter’s back was turned, the mother tiger taught her cub how to slowly and silently sneak up from behind – and pounced!

Sadly, the hunter never lived to tell the tale, but the tiger cub ALWAYS remembered the lesson.

Thought to consider:
Technology has its place but you can’t beat a good basic education!

So think about the skills you need to do your job. How do you learn these skills currently? What’s your preferred learning style?

How does technology help or hinder you?

Who is the ‘mother tiger’ in your life from whom you can learn?

Who else could you learn from? Whose knowledge, skills attitudes and behaviours might you emulate?

Can you do that? Yes, I’m sure you can…

To your success…

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* Story from Tales for Coaches by Margaret Parkin Pg 98. © Kogan Page 2001.