Your 7-Point Promise & Satisfaction Guarantee

No Quibbles. No Hassles. No Risks.

Your 7-Point Promise

Promise 1. The Right Programme

You will receive help and advice that will line you up with the programme best suited to achieve the outcomes you want. All of the programmes are carefully and uniquely designed with the busy executive in mind – the aim being to ensure that you achieve your professional goals. You won’t be offered programmes you don’t need or want. Ever.

Promise 2. Confidentiality

At the heart of my business are the values of respect, integrity, honesty and lerning. Confidentiality is a vital component of successful executive development. Ground rules are agreed as part of each programme engagement and information shared at coaching/facilitation sessions is kept confidentiality and only shared once permission has first been obtained.

Promise 3. Responsiveness & Feedback

If you send me an email or make a call you will get a response within four hours (if it is a working day). If it is a weekend or Bank Holiday then you will get a response the next working day. Actions and commitments made by coaches/facilitators will have a timeline and preferred response type (email, letter, telephone etc.) agreed. You will be given feedback on work being undertaken and progress made. At the end of the programme you will also be “sign-posted” to future areas for development and appropriate next steps.

Promise 4. Venues

Where the programme is delivered can make a significant difference to the outcome – offsite venues are carefully selected to get the right balance between comfort, ambiance and functionality.

Promise 5. Programme Materials

You will be provided with everything you need (coaching, course materials, books, DVDs, assessment, audios etc.) to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Promise 6. Approaches & Methodology

My commitment is promote executive performance excellence in all of my dealings with you and your business. My aim is to provide our clients with the very highest standard of executive development offerings. The scope and depth of my programmes go significantly beyond that of my competitors and are designed to facilitate learning and understanding of key concepts. You will benefit from the expertise of my coaches and facilitators who use proven techniques to ensure all learning and behavioural styles are catered for. If you participate in one of my programmes you will be required to do some work to make these approaches work.

Promise 7. Post Programme Support

When you have finished the programme you will be offered 90-days of reasonable support by email and telephone to ensure that you have the help you need to achieve the results you want.

Your Guarantee

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Satisfaction Guaranteed - or your money back!

When you choose me to be your provider of performance coaching services, I take that responsibility seriously. In return, I make you a no-excuses commitment to ensure your delight as a customer.

No quibbles. No hassles. No risks.

Your 7-Point Promise and Guarantee means that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I stand behind my programmes and am proud to be one of the few businesses in the industry to offer a 100% money-back guarantee. My confidence in the quality of my programmes is validated by the strength of my post-program evaluations which regularly give outstanding ratings, testimonials and recommendations.

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